7 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is an important part of your divorce settlement. Read here for seven questions you should ask your divorce mediation lawyer. Did you know that there are over 500,000 divorces per year in the United States? Unfortunately, not every marriage has the foundation to last forever. If you find yourself working with […]

The Ultimate Guide to Filing for Divorce

Are you wondering how to start the process of getting a divorce? Click here for the ultimate guide to filing for divorce to help you get started. Did you know that almost half of all marriages in the US end in divorce? If you’re thinking about getting a divorce, you’re certainly not on your own. Divorce […]

Telling Kids About Divorce: What to Say and What Not to Say

When telling kids about divorce there are some things to say and others you want to avoid. Review this tip sheet on how to discuss this with your children. Although divorce can feel like a very isolating situation, you aren’t alone if you’re going through it. 50% of first marriages in the United States end […]

The Practicalities of an Amicable Divorce: What You Need to Know

An amicable divorce is preferred over an ugly battle. Review these tips to keep in mind as you work through an amicable split. With over 600,000 Americans getting divorced each year, many assume that a failed marriage results in a messy separation for both parties. What many don’t know is the possibility of an amicable […]

Your Parenting Plan: How to Reach a Child Custody Agreement Without Court Involvement

Divorce is hard enough without battling over the kids. Here’s how you can reach a child custody agreement without court involvement. According to published studies, separation and custody battles can wreak havoc with your children’s well-being. The stress of family separation can impact them physically, psychologically, and academically. However, in many cases, separation is the healthiest route […]

Your Guide to Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Holidays can be hard enough to get through, but what if you’re co-parenting on top of it? Here’s your guide for navigating the holidays. Holidays can be fun and action-packed, but they can also be hard and overwhelming. Nearly 88 percent of Americans find the holidays stressful—now add in co-parenting on top of all the hustle and […]

Supporting Kids Through a Divorce

“We are getting divorced.” For kids, hearing these four words can feel like their life is falling apart. They may feel shock, uncertainty, grief, anger, and even guilt. Despite a separation being the best decision for the entire family, it can be hard for kids to understand this at the moment. As you and your […]

Apps to Improve Co-Parenting and Communication

Sharpen Those Co-Parenting Skills Co-parenting can be difficult, but it can be a lot easier with the help of the right tools. There are many co-parenting apps out there that can help improve communication and cooperation between parties. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best co-parenting apps available and how they […]

Tips for Summer Co-Parenting

Giving Your Children the Best Summer Possible Summertime can be a challenging time for co-parents. The kids are out of school, and they want to spend time with both parents. Throw in making plans while keeping the other parent informed, and this can be a recipe for disagreements about scheduling conflicts and custody arrangements. However, […]

Questions to Answer if You’re Considering Divorce

A Big Decision with Future Implications Despite some people’s best efforts to make a marriage work, sometimes they simply fail to hold up. When cracks begin to show in the foundation of a relationship and work has been done to try and fix them with no success, divorce may be the best option. However, this […]