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Are you facing a legal dispute connected to Minnesota family law? At FairWell Family Law Mediation, we understand the personal, legal, and financial hardships that come along with family law disputes. Because family law disputes typically concerning intimate interpersonal relationships, the parties risk becoming overwhelmed by emotion and losing sight of practical solutions.

That is why mediation can provide the parties in a family law case with benefits that normal litigation cannot deliver.

At FairWell Family Law Mediation, we have experience guiding families through the following issues under Minnesota family law:

  • Divorce: When a couple goes through a divorce, they are expected to discuss and negotiate issues concerning things like the division of marital property, child custody, and alimony.
  • Child custody: Sometimes, the parents of a minor child decide to get a divorce. Before they go their separate ways, the parties in a divorce must resolve issues regarding the custody, care, and control of their child. Sometimes this involves crafting parenting plans and deciding issues of physical and legal custody.
  • Child support: All parents have a duty to provide their children with sufficient financial support. This duty exists regardless of the marital status of the child’s parents. That is why divorced or otherwise separated parents have an obligation to pay child support.
  • Spousal maintenance: Sometimes, one of the spouses in a divorce case may not have the necessary financial means of covering their living expenses. As a result, the other spouse may be required to provide them with financial assistance in the form of spousal maintenance.

What Is Mediation?

Forest Lake MediationMediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that allows the parties in a legal action to find a solution to their conflict without resorting to adversarial litigation. Unlike the traditional courtroom process, mediation proceedings are more informal and allow the parties to maintain control of the issues.

Generally, mediation proceedings are guided by a neutral third party known as a mediator. In the context of family law issues, mediators are typically experienced family law professionals, such as veteran attorneys or retired judges.

Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation

Unlike litigation, mediation fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between the parties. This attitude is particularly beneficial in family law cases, where significant personal relationships are vulnerable. For example, in a divorce case, the parties might hold a grudge against each other. Conventional litigation risks exacerbating the acrimony between the parties, which can spill over and negatively impact other relationships such as the parent-child relationship.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation in Forest Lake, MN

Mediation offers the parties in a family law dispute the following benefits:

  • Control: For the most part, the parties have both hands on the steering wheel during mediation proceedings. In contrast, the court maintains significant control regarding the family law proceedings over which they preside. Furthermore, mediation allows the parties to keep their dispute private, as sessions are not publicly recorded, unlike court proceedings.
  • Convenience: Courtroom litigation is often subject to the availability of courts. This means that the dispute resolution process can take months to years to conclude. However, if the parties make an effort to address their issues during private mediation, they can schedule sessions at almost any time at any place.
  • Compromise: During mediation, an effective mediator will guide the parties with the understanding that mutual compromise may be necessary. In mediation, the “winner-loser” attitude of litigation may not apply, as it can disrupt the parties’ goal of resolving their dispute amicably.

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If you are interested in exploring the benefits of mediation for your family law dispute, you should reach out to FairWell Family Law Mediation to consult with a skilled mediation attorney in Forest Lake. Our mediation team can guide you throughout mediation while striving to reach a fair resolution of your case.

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  • Timely Results

    We understand that divorce can become a lengthy process. Our priority at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind by helping to make your divorce as efficient and as quick as possible.

  • Experienced Mediators

    Our FairWell Guides have decades of collective experience in successfully guiding couples through our divorce mediation process and helping them come to an agreement.

  • Automated Technology

    Our state of the art FairWell document creation system makes it so that we are able to provide our clients with fixed pricing, error-free court documentation, and a faster divorce process.

  • Fixed Prices

    We understand the financial burden and stresses of a divorce. Our goal at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind in knowing that a divorce is possible without the stresses of unknown expenses.

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