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Are you facing a difficult legal matter related to Minnesota family law? If so, you may benefit from the services of a Lake Elmo mediation attorney from FairWell Family Law Mediation. When the conventional adversarial system of litigation is inadequate to bring you and the other party to a just resolution of your family law claim, the mediation process offers a promising alternative that’ll help preserve the most important relationships in your life.

You can count on our team of Lake Elmo mediation attorneys to advise and represent you in the following matters:

  • Divorce: When the marital relationship is at an end, spouses must resolve issues regarding the distribution of marital assets and liabilities, as well as alimony, child custody, and child support.
  • Child custody: If the parents of a minor child are seeking a divorce, the child’s best interests must be considered. Mediation can help the parties determine child custody issues and form a parenting plan that truly serves their child’s best interests.
  • Child support: All parents are legally obligated to provide adequate financial support for their children. Our legal team can guide you through Minnesota statutory law to resolve child support matters privately while complying with state law and public policy.
  • Spousal maintenance: Generally, the parties have more freedom to resolve spousal support and alimony issues than child support. We can help you find a solution that offers the greatest benefit to all interested parties.

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What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

Lake Elmo mediationIn mediation, the parties are given the opportunity to negotiate and discuss their issues in an attempt to find an amicable resolution to their dispute. Family law cases can greatly benefit from this structure, as the parties are encouraged to cooperate in reaching an agreement based on mutual compromise.

Unlike formal court proceedings, a neutral third party—known as the mediator—serves as a guide and advisor for the parties, rather than an authoritative decision-maker. This lets the parties retain control over issues that are most important to them.

A successful mediation will result in a mutual agreement that addresses vital issues in their case. Ultimately, a judge may incorporate the terms of the parties’ agreement when they issue their final judgment and orders.

The more informal nature of mediation offers several benefits to the parties in a family law case, including:

  • Mutuality: In many family law disputes, the controversy between the parties stems from a disagreement between them. In litigation, the parties cannot reach an agreement about the underlying issues. As a result, the court must intervene and make that decision for them. Mediation promotes mutual understanding and cooperation as the parties strive to resolve their case privately without the court.
  • Privacy: Court proceedings are typically a matter of public records. As a result, the testimony and evidence in a family law case are available to the general public. Conversely, mediation proceedings are kept private. This lets the parties approach discussions and negotiations openly.
  • Convenience: Private mediation sessions are usually not held in a courtroom. Instead, mediation can take place from the comfort of a hotel or a law firm’s conference room. The parties do not have to accommodate the court’s schedule and docket. Rather, they are generally in control of the time and place at which mediation sessions are held.
  • Efficiency: Because mediation is more informal than court proceedings, the parties have an opportunity to resolve their dispute quickly. They are not bound by procedural rules and formal hearings.

Let FairWell Family Law Mediation Attorneys Help You

At FairWell Family Law Mediation, we proudly serve residents of Lake Elmo and their families by helping them navigate the challenging issues and of their family law case. Minnesota family law generally governs matters of domestic relations, such as marriage, divorce, and other familial issues. Thus, the stakes in a family law case involve more than just money. That is why we are dedicated to helping you find a fair resolution to your case, which attempts to preserve the important relationships at stake.

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Why Choose FairWell Family Law Mediation?

  • Timely Results

    We understand that divorce can become a lengthy process. Our priority at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind by helping to make your divorce as efficient and as quick as possible.

  • Experienced Mediators

    Our FairWell Guides have decades of collective experience in successfully guiding couples through our divorce mediation process and helping them come to an agreement.

  • Automated Technology

    Our state of the art FairWell document creation system makes it so that we are able to provide our clients with fixed pricing, error-free court documentation, and a faster divorce process.

  • Fixed Prices

    We understand the financial burden and stresses of a divorce. Our goal at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind in knowing that a divorce is possible without the stresses of unknown expenses.

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