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Blaine mediation lawyer speaking to coupleFamily law disputes can be some of the most emotionally intense and legally complicated cases a person can experience. In many family law cases, there are many personal issues at stake. For example, in divorce cases revolve around the marital relationship, while child custody matters can affect a parent’s relationship with their child.

Given the personal nature of family law cases, conventional litigation methods may not yield the best results for the parties. Due to the adversarial nature of litigation, important and intimate relationships are often at risk of suffering irreparable harm, as the parties battle each other to “win” their case.

Thankfully, mediation provides the parties with an alternative to adversarial litigation. In mediation, the parties focus on cooperating with each other in pursuit of reaching a fair resolution to their case. At FairWell Family Law Mediation, our team of Blaine divorce mediation attorneys proudly serves Anoka County residents and their families in legal disputes stemming from Minnesota family law.

We have experience with negotiating and mediating the following family law issues:

  • Divorce: When a couple’s marriage comes to an end, they must resolve certain legal issues affecting their property and parental rights. In Minnesota, courts resolve property division issues by conducting an equitable distribution of marital assets. This is a complicated process that takes up a lot of the parties’ time. In mediation, the parties can work towards a mutual agreement under a simpler process.
  • Alimony: After a couple gets divorced, one party may lack the financial means to cover their living expenses. Under Minnesota law, a person may be obligated to provide financial assistance to their former spouse after getting divorced.
  • Child custody: When the parents of a minor child decide to get a divorce, they must determine their rights and responsibilities regarding the physical care and upbringing of their child. Minnesota law provides that child custody issues must be resolved with the child’s best interests at heart. Generally, parents are in the best position to know what is best for their child. Mediation can help parents maintain control over this issue.
  • Child support: A parent has a legal duty to provide their child with enough financial support to cover things like food, shelter, and medical care. This duty is the basis for child support in Minnesota. Issues of child support must be resolved in accordance with Minnesota public policy. An experienced mediator can guide the parties through Minnesota family law to make sure they reach a compliant resolution to their child support dispute.

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Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation for Your Divorce?

The traditional adversarial approach to resolving legal disputes may serve the interests of the parties matters such as personal injury or contract law. Such cases typically involve a person who suffered some wrong or injury to which the party is responsible for compensating.

However, in family law disputes, positioning the parties as adversaries with competing interests can be harmful. For example, if a divorcing couple adopts the attitude that they must “win” while their former spouse must “lose,” the parties might lose sight of practical solutions and opportunities for compromise.

In family law and divorce mediation, the parties are encouraged to view their dispute as a problem to solve, rather than a contest to win. Mediation proceedings are typically supervised by a neutral third party. However, unlike the judge in court proceedings, the mediator serves more as a guide than an arbiter of facts and decision-maker.

Due to the informal nature of mediation, the parties can maintain control over the progress of their case. They can dedicate more time to issues that are important to them without worrying about complying with court procedures and rules of evidence.

Benefits of Family Law Mediation in Blaine, MN

Among the benefits that mediation provides family law cases are:

  • Privacy: Unlike court proceedings, mediation sessions are not a matter of public record. As a result, the parties can approach the mediation process candidly.
  • Convenience: In conventional litigation before the court, the parties are at the mercy of the court’s docket and schedule availability. In mediation, the parties do not have to wait for court vacancies to advance their case. Instead, the parties can dictate the time and place for future mediation sessions.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Litigation can be expensive with the parties forking over substantial funds to cover attorney’s fees and court costs. The litigation process can be drawn out due to formal discovery, motion practice, trial preparation, and court procedures. Conversely, mediation lets the parties take the reigns of their case, giving them control over how involved their attorneys and the mediator need to be. They can potentially save the parties thousands of dollars and countless hours of time.
  • Cooperation: The aim of mediation is to have the parties agree on how to resolve certain issues in their case. Generally, their agreement is reduced to a written settlement, the terms of which may be incorporated by the court in their final orders. Consequently, mediation proceedings hinge on the level of cooperation between the parties.

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If you are facing a family law dispute in Blaine, MN, you should consult FairWell Family Law Mediation to see whether your case can benefit from the mediation process. Our team of Blaine divorce mediation lawyers has years of experience handling family law mediation matters. As a result, we bring this experience to the negotiating table during mediation sessions to help advance your legal interests while finding a fair resolution to your family law dispute.

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Why Choose FairWell Family Law Mediation?

  • Timely Results

    We understand that divorce can become a lengthy process. Our priority at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind by helping to make your divorce as efficient and as quick as possible.

  • Experienced Mediators

    Our FairWell Guides have decades of collective experience in successfully guiding couples through our divorce mediation process and helping them come to an agreement.

  • Automated Technology

    Our state of the art FairWell document creation system makes it so that we are able to provide our clients with fixed pricing, error-free court documentation, and a faster divorce process.

  • Fixed Prices

    We understand the financial burden and stresses of a divorce. Our goal at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind in knowing that a divorce is possible without the stresses of unknown expenses.

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