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Family law issues can be emotionally trying and legally complex. Issues regarding the financial support of minor children upon divorce or separation are among some of the most challenging the parties can potentially face. To help make sure you and your former spouse or significant other does not lose sight of what is most important, you should consider resolving your dispute through mediation.

At FairWell Family Law Mediation, our Minnesota child support mediation attorney has years of experience with various issues arising under Minnesota family law, including the determination of child support. Armed with such experience, we can guide you while negotiating the terms of a private settlement covering issues like child support.

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Minnesota Law on Child Support

Every parent has a legal duty to provide their child with adequate financial support to secure essentials like food, shelter, health care, and education for them. This duty serves as the basis for child support. In cases where one parent is awarded physical custody of a child, the other parent—known as the noncustodial parent—generally must make child support payments.

The goal of child support is to help ensure that the child has the same financial resources as they would, had their parents decided not to separate or get divorced. A parent’s duty to pay child support is reflected as a percentage of their income.

Under Minnesota law, issues regarding the amount of child support a parent owes are decided in accordance with specific guidelines outlined under Minnesota statutory law. Generally, child support is calculated pursuant to the statutory guidelines. However, courts may deviate from those guidelines under certain circumstances.

Courts must consider the following factors when determining whether to deviate from the statutory child support guidelines:

  • Each parent’s financial resources
  • The extraordinary financial, physical, and emotional needs of the child
  • The standard of living by which the child would have lived had the parents stayed together
  • The income tax dependency exemption and which parent will benefit from it
  • Outstanding financial obligations of the parents
  • Whether a parent’s child support payments exceed statutory limitations under Section 571.922

Mediation Services Regarding Child Support in Minnesota

Courts usually use the legal guidelines when determining issues of child support under Minnesota statutory law. Although these guidelines were generally designed to calculate a fair child support obligation in all cases, each case is different.

Like alimony or property division, parents do not have some leeway to privately settle child support disputes. When it comes to resolving child support issues through mediation, the parties can greatly benefit from the experience of a mediator who is familiar with child support determinations. During mediation, the mediator—a neutral third party with experience as a family law professional—can help the parties reach an agreement regarding child support.

Child support mediation can take into account important matters than affect the parties, such as their respective financial conditions and obligations. Furthermore, experienced family law mediators are in a position to help the parties come to an understanding of related issues—such as the tax consequences of child support.

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MN child support mediation attorneys will use their experience and skills to help you reach a fair solution when it comes to child support issues. Through mediation, you can potentially save thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and court costs. Furthermore, mediation can help you stay in control over important issues like child support.

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