The Importance of a Support Circle During Divorce

The Importance of a Support Circle During Divorce

March 3, 2022

By FairWell Family Law Mediation

Surround Yourself With Your Trusted Loved Ones

You should never plan on going into a divorce alone. Just as you may have helped others get through difficult times in their lives, some of those same individuals can surround you with love and be there for you during your divorce.

Here is why you should consider building up a support circle of trusted friends and family members prior to entering the divorce process.

A Listening Ear

Sometimes you may have a moment where you just need someone to listen to what you are experiencing in your divorce and how everything happening makes you feel. Members of your support circle make great sounding boards when you need to get something off your chest. You may also have moments where you just need someone to be there or for someone to give you a hug; your support circle is there to do exactly that.

An Advice Giver

There may be times when members of your support circle can step in and help you when your emotions cloud your judgment. It can be very helpful to have these individuals helping you throughout your divorce because of the advice that they can provide. While you should always confirm with your attorney any advice that may pertain to your case or legal issues, these people may be able to help you make decisions when you don’t know what path to take.

Point You in the Right Direction

Note, however, that your support circle may not have the people fit for specific things you face such as depression, anxiety, or anger. Those emotions may become so great that you need the help of an expert to guide you. Your support circle can help you find the right direction to go to work through those more challenging feelings.

Try a More Peaceful Solution

Divorce can get messy, but it does not always have to be. There are alternatives to fighting, bickering, and lengthy court battles. Mediation works as a means of resolving divorce-related issues, and the team at FairWell Family Law Mediation is ready to help you achieve a peaceful solution to get you started on the next chapter of your life.

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