Handling Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Handling Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

February 1, 2022

By FairWell Family Law Mediation

Moving Forward Through the Challenges

Divorce can leave you feeling overwhelmed with various emotions ranging from sadness to frustration to anger to depression. Perhaps no day can hit you harder with these feelings than on the day centered around love and affection, Valentine’s Day.

Know, however, that you do not have to suffer through this day. Here are things you can do to help better handle your first Valentine’s Day after divorce.

Be Kind to Yourself

You should first understand that the feelings you may have about Valentine’s Day after divorce are completely okay. It’s normal to feel sad or alone on a day that’s supposed to be about spending time with a significant other. What you shouldn’t do is beat yourself up for feeling down; instead, you need to remember that what you are going through is difficult and that your feelings are valid.

Focus on Your Friends and Family

Remember that you aren’t alone on Valentine’s Day; you have your friends and family by your side at all times.If it would help, consider setting up a time to visit these people and build your relationship. Not only may you have the opportunity to explain how you are feeling, but you may also end up being a helping hand to the people you see. Try to surround yourself with your friends and family during difficult days such as this.

Treat Yourself to Something Special

Just because you buy chocolate on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to give it to someone else! You could treat yourself to some special chocolates or other goodies to help yourself feel better. Just remember to do so in moderation and to not let your emotions get the better of your judgment.

Choose Peace

Divorce can be difficult, and the emotions that you feel throughout the process can only add to the challenges you may face. Consider choosing a different means of working through your divorce – consider mediation. Choose FairWell Family Law Mediation to bid “FairWell” to the difficult conversations and negative emotions so you can embrace a peaceful start to a new future.

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