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If you are concerned about protecting or preserving important familial relationships, while still advancing your legal interests, you should contact FairWell Family Law Mediation to consult an experienced mediator and guide in Minnesota. We understand how valuable your family relationships are. That is why we are dedicated to delivering quality legal counsel to assist families in finding fair legal solutions to their disputes.

Why Choose FairWell Family Law Mediation?

  • Choose Between 3 Fixed-Price Services
  • Experienced, Transparent & Trained Mediators
  • Automated Systems for a Fast, More Efficient Process
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Say FairWell to long, drawn-out litigation and to costly disputes. Say hello to a process focused on fairness and serving you well.

How Mediation Benefits You

Divorce litigation can be costly—not only can couples incur expensive legal fees, but the relationship between them can also suffer irreparable harm during the process. Our adversarial system of justice puts delicate family relationships at risk by pitting the parties against each other in court. Unlike litigation, mediation fosters mutual understanding and cooperation between the parties. This attitude is particularly beneficial in family law cases, where significant personal relationships are vulnerable.

You can reap the following benefits from divorce mediation:

  • Privacy: Negotiations and discussions that take place during mediation are typically private, whereas court proceedings are a matter of public record that can be easily accessed by virtually anyone.
  • Efficiency: Mediation is an informal process that is not restricted by rules of procedure. As a result, the parties can resolve important divorce issues at their own pace.
  • Control: During mediation, the divorcing parties drive negotiations and discussions, giving them the responsibility and control over how to resolve their issues.
  • Convenience: Mediation proceedings do not have to take place in a courtroom. Typically, the parties get to choose when and where a mediation session will take place.

In a divorce case, it is important for the parties to salvage what is left of their relationship and move forward amicably. Dissolving your marriage does not imply that the bridge between you and your former spouse should be burned. Your former spouse may still be an important relationship for you in the future—especially if the two of you must coordinate as co-parents of a minor child.

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You Deserve Guidance in Divorce Mediation Proceedings

If you are confronted with the prospect of divorce and are concerned about the costs and challenges of litigation, there are alternative options for you. At FairWell Family Law Mediation, our divorce mediation lawyers can advise you about the benefits of mediation and whether the process is appropriate for your case.

To schedule a free initial consultation about your Minnesota divorce, please contact our divorce mediation lawyers online today.

    They made it easy and explained everything we needed to move this tough process forward.

    - Jennifer G.

    Through the questionnaires and the session with our mediator, we both walked away feeling very confident that our voices were heard and we had support in negotiating difficult conversations.

    - Brittni R.

    We could not have made it through the divorce process and still have a decent relationship without this mediation process. I am grateful to have used Fairwell.

    - Tara

    They have a seamless way of taking you through the steps, and making sure all areas are covered.

    - Ariel M.

    She has a way of bringing two people (who otherwise would be completely at odds) to a happy medium for the sake of a child. A pro with child custody matters.

    - Tonya T.

The Path to a Better Divorce

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Why Choose FairWell Family Law Mediation?

  • Timely Results

    We understand that divorce can become a lengthy process. Our priority at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind by helping to make your divorce as efficient and as quick as possible.

  • Experienced Mediators

    Our FairWell Guides have decades of collective experience in successfully guiding couples through our divorce mediation process and helping them come to an agreement.

  • Automated Technology

    Our state of the art FairWell document creation system makes it so that we are able to provide our clients with fixed pricing, error-free court documentation, and a faster divorce process.

  • Fixed Prices

    We understand the financial burden and stresses of a divorce. Our goal at FairWell is to help give you peace of mind in knowing that a divorce is possible without the stresses of unknown expenses.