Tips for Summer Co-Parenting

Tips for Summer Co-Parenting

May 4, 2022

By FairWell Family Law Mediation

Giving Your Children the Best Summer Possible

Summertime can be a challenging time for co-parents. The kids are out of school, and they want to spend time with both parents. Throw in making plans while keeping the other parent informed, and this can be a recipe for disagreements about scheduling conflicts and custody arrangements. However, the summer can also be a wonderful time for everyone, and following these co-parenting tips can help with this!

Communicate Early and Often

In order for co-parenting to be successful and efficient, it’s essential to communicate with your co-parent early and often. This will help prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts. During the summer, it is especially important to stay in communication, as there are many things going on that can potentially lead to tension. Here are a few tips for keeping communication open during the summer:

  • Make a point to talk every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

  • Send each other updates on what your child is doing throughout the day.

  • If there is a conflict, discuss it calmly and try to come to a resolution.

Be Open to Unplanned Changes

No one ever said that co-parenting would be easy, and in the summertime, things can get even more complicated. With kids out of school and schedules changing, it’s important to remain open to unplanned changes. If your co-parent suggests a change in plans, be willing to listen to what they have to say. In addition, be understanding if your co-parent has to change plans last minute. This will help to minimize stress and keep things running smoothly.

Put Your Children First

When planning summer activities as co-parents, it’s important to keep your children first. Part of this means that you should try to find activities that will be fun and enjoyable for them rather than ones that you or your ex-spouse would like to do; however, the more important factor to consider is a commitment to remaining calm in the face of unplanned changes or frustrating situations. How you act in front of your children can impact them for years to come; what kind of summer do you want them to remember down the road?

Do You Need Help Determining a Co-Parenting Arrangement?

If you and your spouse are having trouble coming to terms on a custody and visitation agreement, turn to the mediators at FairWell Family Law Mediation. Our guides can help you bid “FairWell” to tense disagreements and welcome in peace and, more importantly, a fair agreement on time with your child.

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