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A smiling man and woman holding a child and a baby sit facing another woman.Deciding whether to divorce or separate from your spouse or significant other is a major decision. In many cases, couples endure life with someone with whom they are not compatible to spare their children from the hardships of watching their parents split up. However, your personal happiness and the wellbeing of your children do not have to be mutually exclusive propositions.

If you are concerned about how divorce litigation might affect your child, you should get in touch with FairWell Family Law Mediation to discuss your case with an experienced Washington County child custody mediator. Our mediation team has experience negotiating disputes arising from issues of child custody in mediation settings. Through mediation, you can potentially save thousands in litigation expenses, as well as hours of time—all while sparing your child of the undue hardship that comes with going through a divorce.

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Minnesota Law on Child Custody

When the parents of a minor child decide to get a divorce—or are otherwise unmarried and separated—one of the most important issues to resolve involves how a child will spend time with their parents, or a parent’s responsibilities to care for their child.

Under Minnesota law, issues of child custody are decided with the child’s best interests at heart. This means that a court will determine the child’s post-divorce or separation living arrangements based on their best interests. This means that even the child’s parents’ interests cannot be an overriding factor when resolving child custody issues.

In Minnesota, custody can be categorized into the following:

  • Physical custody: A parent who is granted physical custody of their child has the right and responsibility to control the child’s daily care. Divorcing parents can either share this right and responsibility—known as joint physical custody—or one parent can be granted sole physical custody.
  • Legal custody: A parent’s right to determine their child’s upbringing—such as making decisions regarding education, medical treatment, and religion on the child’s behalf—is known as legal custody. Like physical custody, both parents can have joint legal custody, where the parents have equal rights and responsibilities in making decisions for their child.

Mediation May be the Solution You Are Looking For

Issues of child custody can be difficult to resolve, as the matter inherently involves important interpersonal relationships concerning the parties. In a litigation setting, the parties are concerned about who “wins” and who “loses.” However, this attitude toward resolving issues of child custody can be harmful to the child.

In order to preserve the child’s best interests, the parties in a child custody dispute can significantly benefit from informal mediation proceedings. Such proceedings help ensure that a child is not treated as a trophy to be won. Instead, the parties’ mediation attorneys—under the guidance of an experienced mediator—strive to find a custody arrangement that minimizes the harms of divorce for their child.

Mediation can significantly help parents develop a parenting plan whereby they organize and schedule their respective rights and responsibilities when it comes to providing for the care and upbringing of their children.

Parenting plans must include the following:

  • A schedule apportioning the parents’ time with their child
  • Provisions designating the parents’ respective decision-making responsibilities
  • An approach to resolving custody disputes

At FairWell Family Law Mediation, we understand the importance of finding a just and right resolution to legal disputes concerning child custody. During family law litigation, it can be easy for the parties to lose sight of what is most important. However, in a mediation setting, such as divorce mediation, the parties are positioned to find common ground to help put aside their differences for the good of their child.

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Are you concerned about how a courtroom battle might impact your child? If so, you should reach out to FairWell Family Law Mediation to discuss your concerns and questions with an experienced child custody mediator in Washington County, Minnesota. Our team of skilled mediators can appreciate the consequences a divorce can have on a child. That is why we are committed to helping families resolve child custody issues through compromise and mutual understanding. Additionally, we can assist families through child support mediation and alimony as well. You should not have to choose between obtaining a divorce or separation and protecting the interests of your children. You can count on our mediators to help you find an amicable solution to your child custody dispute.

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